Gensen Kakenagashi Qualities

Takayu Gensen Onsen

What makes an onsen a kakenagashi onsen?

Firstly an onsen is:

  • One that has been officially declared an onsen by Japanese onsen law
  • Contains water flowing from a personally owned or shared hot spring.
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Kakenagashi means:

  • Firstly fresh water from the earth must continually flow into the bath.
  • No other water can be added to the bath (other than officially recognized exceptions).
  • Any overflowing water must not be reused.
  • No filtered water can be used to compensate for a lack of hot water.
Kawayu Kanko Hotel

So with the above in mind a kakenagashi onsen must:

  • Only use pure water as it springs from the earth without adding anything to it.
  • Must fill the bath completely and overflow
  • According to our association it is okay to add water or heat to a hot spring in the following circumstances.
    • Adding heat to cold mineral springs, or low heat springs in order to make it suitable for bathing.
    • Adding water to a spring with very high mineral content in order make it suitable for bathing.
    • Adding water to a high temperature spring in order to make it suitable for bathing (so that the fresh onsen water does not have to be held for a period of time to allow it to cool down).
      * The amount of water added must not exceed 20% of the total water in the bath.
    • No water can be added to compensate for a lack of water.

Association Activities

  • Guidebook production.
  • Association member recruitment.
  • Running the “Gensen Smile Coupon” program in which you can accumulate points towards a free night’s stay.
  • Running the “Gensen Supporter” membership system in which we provide events and bonuses.
  • Organizing the Gensen Kakenagashi Summit an annual networking event for association members.

Conditions for joining our association

  • A recommendation from two existing members.
  • Fill in the oath form without any falsehoods.